Humans Helping Humans


In this episode, I talk about a friend that I haven’t seen in awhile and his sudden health issues; how you should grab life and own it, my oldest son and how I’m so proud of him for doing just that and my first upgrade experience with Windows 10 (on my laptop – DON’T UPGRADE […]

My Call-Lea Girl


There’s a backstory to the title of this episode, but I’m not going to share it.   My wife, Lea, joins me for this special Saturday edition of TDS to discuss our opinions on the owner of a Main diner that had it with a 21 month old baby…and yelled.  A couple that made “sacrifices” […]

I’m Here On a Big Ass Loan


The true dream of any parent is to raise their children so they can contribute to and change the world for the better.  You want your children to not want for anything, to forge their own paths and to do the things that you yourself haven’t been able to accomplish. In this episode, after feeling […]

Opinions Are Like Assholes


In this episode of TDS, I discuss the professor that thinks anyone that displays the Confederate flag should be jailed for a hate crime, a person called 911 because of Nazi and Confederate merchandise at a flee market, churches are still divided when it comes to same-sex marriages even though it’s the law of the […]

The Sex Chat, Part 1


My wife joins me in this episode where we talk about child rearing, sex and relationships.  You probably won’t find anything like this coming from a southern couple that has been married for 25+ years, so tune in, sit down and enjoy.  She’s the serious one, I’m not so much.  Sometimes that’s good, sometimes that’s […]

Let’s Play: Rocket League (Rookie Training)


I’m not an avid gamer but every once in a while a game comes along that strikes my fancy.  I saw this game being played by a streamer I follow.  I don’t care for sports games such as football, soccer, baseball, etc. and I don’t like racing games.  But this interesting blend of cars […]

Refocus and Realize


This episode is somewhat out of sync, but I felt the need to talk about a realization that I came to earlier in the morning.  It’s a short episode, probably a boring episode, but maybe you’ll listen anyway.   Related articles CBS launches site to help small businesses Batesville Woman Arrested for Embezzlement TSA seizes […]

Celebrating Independence


My wife joins me for another episode as we discuss SCOTUS rulings dealing with the ACA, marriage equality, cake makers fined, bigoted hardware store owner and many other tangents that only a husband and wife could muster up.     Related articles It’s Perfectly Legal For This Tennessee Hardware Store To Refuse Gay Customers Tennessee […]

After Supreme Court Ruling, Texas Finally Falls In Line With Same-Sex Marriage


Despite its early resistance to the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide last week, Texas is falling in line. On Sunday, the state’s attorney general, Ken Paxton, decried the ruling as “lawless” and said county clerks could refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex applicants on religious grounds. But by Thursday, the majority […]