Donovan was born and raised in the deep south of South Central Georgia, roughly two hours from the Georgia-Florida line. His father was a guitar player, farmer, and eventually blue color worker for GM. His mother suffered from Scleroderma starting a few years after he was born, so she became a home maker. Growing up as an only child, Donovan's interest included music (though he really never learned to play anything) and anything dealing with technology, but specifically computers. He has spent his entire life involved with computer technology either as a hobby or as a career. In his middle to late teens, he ran a BBS (electronic bulletin board system - the precursor to the modern day Internet). He learned about networking computer systems, building computers, and communication technologies as part of his career. Later in life, he fulfilled his dream of running his own ISP (Internet Service Provider) when he was hired first as the Network Manager and eventually the General Manager of the Telecommunications Department for the City of Tifton, known as CityNet. Today he runs his own IT business and has been podcasting in some form or fashion since 2011.

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Indictment of Ex-President Trump and 18 Associates in Georgia Highlights Fourth Criminal Case, Involving Election Interference

Former President Donald Trump and 18 associates have been formally indicted in Georgia for their alleged involvement in attempting to overturn the outcome of the 2020 state election. The indictment claims they operated as a “criminal enterprise,” utilizing methods reminiscent of organized crime to maintain Trump’s hold on power. The charges encompass actions such as…

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Sharing Claims About Tanya Chutkan, Donald Trump Exposes Himself to Legal Risks

Legal experts are warning that Donald Trump could face legal consequences after sharing posts on social media attacking U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is overseeing his January 6 trial. Trump shared a post accusing Chutkan of engaging in election interference and criticized her bias. Chutkan had previously warned Trump about making inflammatory statements during…

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The Donovan Adkisson Show

The Sleeper Has Awakened!

Donovan discusses the setback for the GOP in Ohio where they attempted to circumvent the will of the people by holding a special vote in August that would require changes to amendments to the state’s constitution to have a 60% supermajority.  Even after moving to stop August votes, they decided it would be a good…

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Ohio Voters Reject GOP-Backed Proposal Aimed at Stricter Abortion Rights Protection

Ohio voters have decisively rejected a Republican-backed proposal that aimed to increase the threshold for changing the state’s constitution, making it more difficult to pass future amendments. The defeated Issue 1 would have required a 60% supermajority instead of a simple majority. This outcome maintains the current requirement for passing constitutional amendments. The measure’s supporters…

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Possession of Biden Family Bank Statements

Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has claimed that she possesses bank statements from the Biden family that she believes provide evidence supporting her longstanding assertion that President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden accepted bribes from foreign entities. Greene’s claims stem from unfounded bribery allegations, which began with an unsubstantiated tip from an FBI…

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Trump Asserts Protective Order as First Amendment Infringement: Declares Intent to Speak Out

Former President Donald Trump has asserted that imposing a protective order on him would infringe upon his First Amendment rights, vowing to continue discussing the criminal charges against him. Trump criticized federal prosecutors and accused them of attempting to curtail his ability to speak freely about his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Special counsel…

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Trump Spreads Baseless Falsehood About Georgia Prosecutor’s Alleged Involvement With Gang Member

During a campaign event in New Hampshire, former President Donald Trump made a false and bizarre accusation against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis of Georgia. Trump suggested that Willis had engaged in an “affair” with a “gang member” she was prosecuting. He claimed that this person, who he labeled a “young racist in Atlanta,”…

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