Erickson Massihi Interview 23 ABC News Bakersfield

You may or may not have heard or seen parts of this video. I’m sharing it not stating that I 100% support/agree with what these doctors are saying, but rather to provide another look from some front-line folks and what they have to say about their own data. Digest it as you will, of course. The original was taken down from YouTube when the TV station that did the interview posted it; I found it on their company website, so I captured it, spliced the two parts together, and fixed the damn audio (it was crappy). I’ve got it up on YouTube as well, but unlisted. The original I watched was from another person on YouTube that was watching it, live streaming it, and providing commentary. YouTube has taken that video down as well.

UPDATE 4/29/2020 08:22PM — YouTube removed my video, so here it is without them:

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