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Former President Trump Calls for Removal of Judge Tanya Chutkan from Election Case Following Ruling

Former President Donald Trump has demanded that District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan be removed from his federal indictment case after she ruled against him. The judge had issued a protective order limiting what discovery evidence Trump and his legal team can share publicly, citing Trump’s prolific use of social media and previous public statements about…

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2023’s Special Elections Show Democrats Overperforming: A Glimpse into Biden vs. Trump?

Democrats are showing strong performance in 2023’s special elections, outperforming the partisan lean in the areas where the races were held by an average of 10%. They have won in parts of the country that typically support the party and have reduced GOP margins in traditionally conservative areas as well. While some Republicans caution against…

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Special Counsel Seeks Protective Order in Election Interference Case Citing Trump’s Threatening Post

Federal prosecutors in the election interference case against former President Donald Trump have requested a protective order to prevent him from publicly disclosing sensitive evidence gathered during their investigation. The special counsel’s office wants the evidence to be used only for the trial and for Trump to view it in the presence of his lawyers….

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