Joe Rogan’s Nostalgia for the Trump Era: Was It Really ‘Without a Doubt’ Better Than Biden?

The Donovan Adkisson Show

In this episode, Donovan critiques Joe Rogan for expressing nostalgia for the Trump era and for his assessment of the current state of the world. He disagrees with Rogan’s positive view of the Trump administration, attributing economic success to previous President Barack Obama. Donovan also suggests that Trump’s policies and handling of COVID-19 negatively impacted the economy. He also argues that Putin’s actions in Ukraine were emboldened by Trump and questions Rogan’s understanding of international affairs. Overall, Donovan criticizes Rogan’s opinions and suggests that he lacks a deep understanding of political and economic issues.

Joe Rogan expresses nostalgia for Trump era, says country was ‘without a doubt’ better than under Biden | Fox News

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