Former President Trump Calls for Removal of Judge Tanya Chutkan from Election Case Following Ruling

we demand justice inscription in frame
we demand justice inscription in frame
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Former President Donald Trump has demanded that District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan be removed from his federal indictment case after she ruled against him. The judge had issued a protective order limiting what discovery evidence Trump and his legal team can share publicly, citing Trump’s prolific use of social media and previous public statements about witnesses and others involved in legal matters. Trump responded with a post on Truth Social, threatening to go after those pursuing him and claiming he cannot get a fair trial with the current judge. The protective order aims to prevent improper dissemination of discovery materials and protect the case’s integrity. Trump’s attorneys have used the First Amendment as a defense, arguing his statements on election fraud were political speech, but the indictment accuses him of unlawfully trying to change election results in his favor.


Trump demands Judge Tanya Chutkan removal after protective order ruling | The Independent

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