Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Possession of Biden Family Bank Statements

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Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has claimed that she possesses bank statements from the Biden family that she believes provide evidence supporting her longstanding assertion that President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden accepted bribes from foreign entities. Greene’s claims stem from unfounded bribery allegations, which began with an unsubstantiated tip from an FBI informant regarding an alleged bribery scheme involving Ukrainian energy firm Burisma.

The bribery claims prompted a GOP-led investigation into whether Joe Biden, while serving as vice president, accepted money to benefit Burisma by advocating for the removal of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating the company. These allegations were also associated with Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s board. Former President Donald Trump had urged Ukraine to investigate this matter during his presidency.

Despite these allegations, no concrete evidence has been found to support the bribery claims made by both Trump and Greene. A released FBI form that purportedly mentioned the bribery was inconclusive and unverified. Greene, who has previously embraced conspiracy theories, now asserts that new bank statements she possesses show money transfers from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine to the Bidens, allegedly in exchange for favors.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has called on President Biden to release his bank statements to disprove the bribery claims. McCarthy suggested that if Biden refuses, Republicans might consider pursuing an impeachment inquiry. However, there is no substantiated evidence to support the claims made by Greene.


Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She Has Biden Family Bank Statements (

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