Ohio Voters Reject GOP-Backed Proposal Aimed at Stricter Abortion Rights Protection

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Ohio voters have decisively rejected a Republican-backed proposal that aimed to increase the threshold for changing the state’s constitution, making it more difficult to pass future amendments. The defeated Issue 1 would have required a 60% supermajority instead of a simple majority. This outcome maintains the current requirement for passing constitutional amendments. The measure’s supporters argued that the higher threshold would prevent outside interest groups from influencing the state’s foundational document.

The voter opposition to Issue 1 was widespread, extending beyond traditional Republican strongholds. The defeat is seen as a setback for Republicans in Ohio who have sought stricter restrictions on abortion. The referendum took place against the backdrop of a broader debate on abortion rights in the state. While not directly related to abortion, the result is expected to influence the upcoming vote on enshrining abortion rights in Ohio.

President Joe Biden praised the outcome, stating that the measure was an attempt to weaken voters’ voices and women’s healthcare choices. The defeat of Issue 1 marks a victory for abortion rights advocates and a significant rebuke to Ohio Republicans who have held power in the state for over a decade.


Ohio election: Voters reject Issue 1 proposal | AP News

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