Republicans Upset as DOJ Provides Desired Outcome

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Republicans in Congress are expressing anger over the appointment of a special counsel, David Weiss, to oversee the Hunter Biden investigation, despite the fact that many of them had previously advocated for such an appointment. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Weiss, a U.S. attorney for Delaware, as the special counsel to continue the investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged criminal conduct. The investigation had been ongoing since 2018, and Weiss, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, had been overseeing it.

Republicans, including Senator Marsha Blackburn, Senator Lindsey Graham, and Senator Chuck Grassley, criticized the appointment, suggesting that Weiss was chosen to protect Hunter Biden. However, it was revealed that many of these critics had previously signed a letter supporting Weiss’s appointment as a special counsel, believing it would ensure the investigation’s independence from political influence.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy also raised concerns about Weiss’s appointment, citing a recent plea deal negotiated by Weiss’s team with Hunter Biden. This plea deal, which involved charges related to failure to pay taxes and illegal firearm possession, fell through due to disagreements about immunity from prosecution.

In essence, Republicans are now upset about the very outcome they had previously advocated for – the appointment of a special counsel – highlighting the complexities and political dynamics surrounding the investigation into Hunter Biden.


Republicans Furious After DOJ Gave Them What They Wanted (

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