Sharing Claims About Tanya Chutkan, Donald Trump Exposes Himself to Legal Risks

Legal experts are warning that Donald Trump could face legal consequences after sharing posts on social media attacking U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is overseeing his January 6 trial. Trump shared a post accusing Chutkan of engaging in election interference and criticized her bias. Chutkan had previously warned Trump about making inflammatory statements during a hearing on a pre-trial protective order, aimed at preventing him from discussing evidence or intimidating witnesses.

Chutkan’s ruling granted the protective motion, asserting that Trump’s free speech rights did not exempt him from the order. She emphasized that any violation could lead to arranging a speedy trial to preserve an impartial jury pool. Legal experts speculate that Trump might be called into a hearing by the judge due to his recent social media posts. Violating the protective order could result in contempt of court charges, potentially leading to fines or jail time.

While the severity of the consequences would depend on the nature of the violation, experts believe that a warning might be issued for less serious violations. Joshua Ritter, a criminal defense attorney, suggests that serious violations could lead to a court appearance and a stern warning from the judge.


Donald Trump Takes Legal Risk by Sharing Tanya Chutkan Claims (

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