Skittles Faces Conservative Backlash for Pro-LGBTQ+ Packaging

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Conservatives on social media are expressing outrage and calling for boycotts against Skittles due to the brand’s pro-LGBTQ+ packaging in collaboration with GLAAD. The packaging features a predominantly black and white design with a rainbow band, illustrations of young people, and phrases like “Black Trans Lives Matter” and “Joy Is Resistance.” Some conservatives have criticized the pro-transgender messaging and accused the brand of targeting children. This backlash against LGBTQ+ messaging by companies has been increasing recently. Some have mocked this trend, while others point out the lack of outrage over child sexual abuse cases involving religious leaders. Similar boycott calls have impacted other brands in the past, with varying degrees of long-term effects.

Original Article: Conservatives Are Furious at Skittles’ Pro-Transgender Packaging (

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