Special Counsel Seeks Protective Order in Election Interference Case Citing Trump’s Threatening Post

judge signing on the papers
judge signing on the papers
Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on Pexels.com

Federal prosecutors in the election interference case against former President Donald Trump have requested a protective order to prevent him from publicly disclosing sensitive evidence gathered during their investigation. The special counsel’s office wants the evidence to be used only for the trial and for Trump to view it in the presence of his lawyers. The request comes after Trump made public statements on social media about witnesses, judges, attorneys, and others involved in legal matters related to his case. Prosecutors argue that such public statements could harm witnesses and obstruct justice. Trump’s defense team has been given until Monday to respond to the request. This is not the first time a protective order has been sought against Trump in other cases, citing his history of attacking witnesses. The next hearing in the election interference case is scheduled for Aug. 28.


Special counsel cites threatening Trump post in request for protective order in election interference case (msn.com)

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