Trump Asserts Protective Order as First Amendment Infringement: Declares Intent to Speak Out

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Former President Donald Trump has asserted that imposing a protective order on him would infringe upon his First Amendment rights, vowing to continue discussing the criminal charges against him. Trump criticized federal prosecutors and accused them of attempting to curtail his ability to speak freely about his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Special counsel Jack Smith had requested a protective order to prevent Trump from revealing evidence provided to his lawyers during the discovery process. Trump’s legal team did not object to a protective order but proposed a less restrictive version. Despite the legal battles he faces, including federal and state charges, Trump remains vocal on the campaign trail, asserting that his indictments are aimed at his political movement. He emphasized that he would continue to discuss the charges and protect his First Amendment rights.


Trump says a protective order would violate his First Amendment rights: ‘I will talk’ (

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