Trump Refuses to Sign Mandatory Loyalty Pledge for Initial GOP Debate

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Summarized by ChatGPT from Trump says he won’t sign loyalty pledge required for GOP debate (

Former President Donald Trump has stated that he will not sign the loyalty pledge required by the Republican National Committee (RNC) for participation in the upcoming GOP debate. Trump raised objections to a clause in the pledge that mandates support for the eventual GOP nominee, citing disagreement with certain potential candidates. While he did not disclose specific names, he criticized former governors Asa Hutchinson and Chris Christie. Trump also indicated that he will announce his decision regarding participation in the upcoming debate in Milwaukee. However, his refusal to sign the loyalty pledge would render him ineligible according to the RNC’s criteria. The pledge also prohibits candidates from engaging in non-RNC sanctioned debates for the rest of the election cycle. Trump, Christie, and Hutchinson are among several candidates who have met the donor and polling requirements for debate participation. Trump previously explored the possibility of counterprogramming during the debate. He emphasized his debating skills and the desire for a smart and capable president.

Does this really surprise anyone? Of course, he’s not going to pledge that he’ll support the GOP candidate for president IF it’s not him! Are you crazy? And he also claims he wants to debate because “I’ve actually gotten very good marks on debating talents”. The man can barely carry on a coherent conversation, and he thinks he’s adept at debating?

“They want a smart president. They want somebody that’s going to be smart.”

Well, buddy, that’s not you.

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