Trump’s 1984

Newsweek dropped an article today providing commentary on Trump’s Lansing, Michigan rally and how 1984-like it seemed.  If you’re not familiar, this is a reference to George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.  The event took place outside the Capitol Regional International Airport where people were waiting for the President to arrive.  A guitarist played the national anthem.  A campaign video was played on two large screens.  At one point Trump’s face loomed down upon the crowd.  Once again the video played music from Linkin Park even though they issued a cease and desist order in July 2020.  I think they hate Trump.  They’re in good company.

As you would expect, people took to twitter and started comparing the rally to 1984, to Nazi propaganda…hell, even to The Hunger Games.

For the full text click the link at the bottom for the Newsweek article, but here are some of the Twitter comments.


Do we really expect anything else from this guy?

Source:  Donald Trump Lansing Rally Video Prompts ‘1984’ Comparisons


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