Unveiling Trumpism: America in Crisis

We’re witnessing a deeply concerning development in our political landscape. While opinions may diverge on the severity of the situation, it’s crucial to address the pressing concerns looming at the forefront, notably tied to the persona of Donald J. Trump. He’s been depicted as a serially unsuccessful businessman, a figure steeped in controversy, whose actions…

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white house

Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Possession of Biden Family Bank Statements

Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has claimed that she possesses bank statements from the Biden family that she believes provide evidence supporting her longstanding assertion that President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden accepted bribes from foreign entities. Greene’s claims stem from unfounded bribery allegations, which began with an unsubstantiated tip from an FBI…

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The Donovan Adkisson Show

There’s No There, There

Donovan discusses the transcript of Devon Archer before the COMMITTEE ON OVERSIGHT AND ACCOUNTABILITY where the Republicans continue to perpetrate an actual “witch hunt” to find ANY evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden (at the time Vice-President of the United States) and his son, Hunter Biden, and Hunter’s dealings with Burisma.  After reading the 141-page…

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