CityNet: Bringing a City into the 21st Century

I’ve shared this many times, but I thought it’s best resting place was probably here on my own personal website.  I was fortunate enough to be a part of the City of Tifton’s broadband and cable initiative called CityNet in 1999 (rebranded as Plant TiftNet in 2009 and eventually just part of PlantTel in 2020).  The audio below is from an interview that I and the General Manager at the time, Pete Moss (yeah, I know, right?), did on the local radio station discussing what CityNet was all about.  At the time, I was the Network Manager — meaning I was in charge of the Internet portion of the cable system as well as the MIS department (that didn’t actually exist until a few years later) for the City of Tifton.

I love history.  To me, this is an important part of Tifton’s history as the offerings in Tifton, GA wouldn’t be where they are today without the existence of CityNet.


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