Failed Businessman Sues News Agencies over Reporting of Another Failed Business

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Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against MSNBC, Reuters, and 18 other news organizations, accusing them of coordinating in misreporting losses at his Truth Social platform. The initial figure of $73 million in losses turned out to be incorrect; the actual loss was $31 million. Trump alleges this was a deliberate effort to harm his company’s reputation and derail a merger. The lawsuit claims defamation and seeks $1.5 billion in damages, a gag order on related articles, and other unspecified damages. However, legal complexities and comparisons to previous cases, like Gawker’s lawsuit, suggest challenges in the lawsuit’s outcome.

I find this fucking hilarious, actually. Whether the business has a $73 million loss or a $31 million loss, it’s still a loss. It’s evident Truth Social is going down in flames. I haven’t joined nor would I ever. I can only imagine if Twitter/X is such a shit-show now what Truth Social really is.


Trump Sues MSNBC, Reuters and 18 Other News Orgs, Claims They ‘Coordinated’ in Misreporting $73 Million Truth Social Losses (

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